Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Video recording angry patient

Salam everyone,

Overdue post but still want to post about it cause someone inspired me to write again. (Will talk about it later). I have been writing before but never posted anything, just save it on the notes in my iPhone so gonna transfer all the details to the blog to keep the blog updated and record my journey as a medical student.


During semester 3, we have to interview difficult patient and the CSU will record the video by using the cctv. After a week or something like that, lecturers and the members in the group going to watch it and give feedback on your performance. We had been dealing with easy and predictable stimulated patient since semester 1 you know with question and answering but this time CSU wanted us to deal with difficult patient like demanding/angry/talkative patient. Fuhh nervous plus scared cause we will never know how to deal with them unless we face one of them right? So back to the story, we were assigned into few groups and i was in the third group which consist of 5 student. Basically, we did not know anything about the cases cause we need to be quarantined inside a room. Two of us were given a piece of paper with case scenario which are demanding and sad patient. Lol we were kinda freaking at this time cause like 'why did they get those cases before going into the room but not for us?'. Okay we were like okay guys just chill and waited till the sister called our names to go to the recording room.

I entered the room nervously and excitedly i guess?, i saw a tiny beany microphone on the table and a cctv on the ceiling to record our interview session. Then, as i sat waiting for the patient to come in, i can hear the sister said, 'student, if you hear this please nod your head' then this one cartoon series that i used to watch came across my mind and i laughed! Okay why i think it was funny but when i write it, it does not sound funny at all. (Hm need to research on how to be funny i guess) 😒 So i just nod while looking to the camera. Now, the moment had arrived thanggg!

I hear someone knock over my door (knock knock)  and a middle aged lady came in with grumpy, angry, sad and in pain face. So as asual, i greeted the patient and shake her hand.

M: Hi Ms,
Pt: with no hi back and just cut my words said, you know what, i waited for a long time outside and i almost collapsed. How did you guys treat me? (Angry voice)
M: keep calm ms. Tell me what is happening ?
Pt: the hospitality are so bad. I need to wait for so long can you imagine with my diarrhea and keep on go back and forth to the toilet with no one to help me. I'm in pain and almost collapsed (keep nagging and mad about the waiting hours)
M: I am so sorry about that but i will make sure this will not gonna happen again.
Pt: (Keep on nagging)
M: Again i am sorry about it and i will tell the management team about this so the patient will not face the same situation again. So when do you start having the diarrhea (ask this cause she seems to be okay with it already)
Pt: since last night, i went to toilet 6 times. Even just now, i ask the nurses some toilet tissue and they gave it without smilling. What kind of hospital workers they are. So unprofessional.
M: about the nurses, i will try my best to talk to talk them so they can treat you better in the future. And thank you for your feedback because we get to know on what to improve in the future and again i am so sorry about it.
Pt: Nodding agree (yay)

p/s: this is only about how i deal with the angry patient. The content of the diarrhae i asked few question about it but did not managed to ask all cause well not enough time.
Conclusion: it was fun, we were laughing as we came out from the room cause it was so funny.
Patient's feedback: she said i am okay, she likes how gentle am i using my words and try to calm her down. The tone was good, the way you speak with no nervous at all ( deep inside i was freaking nervous) but one thing she said, i was smilling at the beginning when she was mad. Did i? Dangg what are you doing Nisa 😨
Dr said that i was okay during the interview but should not apologize again and again cause it might trigger the patient to get mad again. Okay noted! Well i guess i just need to practice more and deal with many more difficult patient! See the adrenaline rush there! Wait for it !

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Semester 3 of Med school Life

Salam everyone!

After so long not blogging anything and here i am slowly and trying to get my ass back on track to start blogging. After i stop blogging, i watched youtubers posting some cool videos about beauty and etc and guess what i feel like ' ouhhh i want to be a youtuber too' even though no one will ever watch my video but because of my laziness and i feel like a stupid person talking alone in front of the camera ( i tried once okay record myself giving a review about something ) i decided not to do it! And i have been silent reader of my uni friend 'Dylla's blog', so she inspired me to start blogging and write about our story, life and so on. Dylla is a nice friend and she is an instagram famous and a blogger like perfect. So cool right?

So for now, i am on my study break and waiting for my Jempol posting on 2nd and 3rd Dec and right after the posting, i'll be going to SJMC for 2 weeks to do an attachment there with Malani and Sue Ann. Everyone else started their posting already but not us cause we are not really last group but in the middle group. Its okay cause i can finish up my AIR topic which i'm not done and study for my upcoming finals. 

Speaking of final, i don't know why but i am not studying like crazy like i used to do. This thing creeps me up but hm i think i lost the momentum due to several events that need to be handle last few weeks. I seriously need to get my ass and receive any motivation from other people. I NEED to go to the library cause i can't focus study at home. I tends to sleep and playing games, internet, watching tv ughh i need to study.

 My goals before i start my posting in Jempol, 
*Finish revise and memorize the GIT module by this week for second times ( I can do it!)
*Finish AIR topic by this weekend if cannot by Tuesday next week
*If possible start read about renal and endocrine

okay gonna have some sleep cause tomorrow i have and want to wake up early and start my day a brand new day ( start fresh! ) going to nearby library heeee Yes you go NISA  :)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pursuing my Degree

Assalamualaikum everyone..

Today i just going to share where i went after i finished my foundation in medical sciences at AUCMS Penang and summarize my journey of life back on 2014.

How i miss Penang about the food, the friendly kind hearted people, the peace. So back to the topic, 2014. I started my degree life a year ago which was on 2014 August ...

After i got my result for my Foundation, i applied at IMU in medical program. As i did not take any IELTS exam before, my application delayed because i need to settle my IELTS first. I supposed to continue my studies on February intake but they said i am going to miss one week orientation and i don't want that to happened so i choose to wait till August for the next intake. For IELTS, i haven't learn of it anything, i just learn and sit for muet and they ask for at least band 6.5 and fuhh i'm so freaking scared cause after so long i didn't read any english article or even speak properly. So i went for classes. I willing to pay for classes rather than retake my IELTS exam cause it cost RM600 for you to just TAKE the paper so i don't want to spend like RM1200 only for this thing. right? You better score or you'll regret it. hehehe i went for classes at idp subang jaya infornt Taylor College SS15 and it was worth it every single penny. The teachers are great and you get to meet new people and it was a nice experience. The classes are like crash course session for a week! Alhamdulillah, i pass my IELTS tadaaaa! Happy me!

As i mentioned above, i wait till August to continue my degree and i guess i'm not wrong. I meet awesome people in my batch and the orientation just totally fun! Orientation is the time where we got so bond to each other and go cray cray together. ahhaha but ofc la i was shy and even now a lil bit shy with the ppl i don't know. Actually not shy, but just pretend to be ayu. Get it ? Layan kan je la please :)

my orientation group ! 

A lots of HUHAHAUA things happened, ( you know what is the HUAHUA things right? gahhh not study properly and hang out and just play all that ) ok i think i studied but not fully focus and concentrated i guess until like 2 months before finals i started study like started to regret everything like OUHHH WHY DID NOT STUDY EARLY and OUHHH WHY I SKIPPED CLASS! things like i think every student will says when they are at the edge of mountain of pass-fail. hahaha

And now i finished my semester 1 with alhamdulillah i am grateful with the result and will give my best for semester 2. So do pray for me and may Allah ease my journey to become a doctor one day. 1 semester down 9 more semester to go !